Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

We got to fly to Gma and Gpa's for Thanksgiving! It was a really fun trip. We were grateful for the airplane space to bring on two carseats...the only way I got two sleeping babies! Hooray!

I was so grateful the peanuts were Honey Roasted...every kid needs to eat these on an airplane

Family Story: My dad has had these blue pajamas for over 40 years (not kidding). He is famous in our family for them. When Adam wears his blue pj's he always says he looks like Gpa Clyde. So we wanted to make sure we got a picture of them. And of course the girls didn't want to be left out!

 These girls loved cruising around Gma's house. I was grateful for their new warm birthday clothes!

Apparently pj's are important in our family...these cousins loved matching! They are such good friends...didn't even notice they were holding hands till after I took the picture
 Thanksgiving Day:
making rolls
 The kid table!

 Davis got to be at the grownup table--

My plate--I don't normally take pictures of my food, but I thought it was actually pretty
 Whose plate is this you might ask?  Davis--the seven year old..ate every bite of these drumsticks. I don't know why but it cracked me up!

Jenny taking a walk in my shoes with 2 one year olds :)  The 7 kids who were there are: 7, 5,5,5,1,1,1  It was really fun to have 2 sets of triplets!~
 Gpa was nice to save his leaves for us! The Vegas kids are always so excited about nature. They spent the week collecting acorns. When Rachel tried to give one to Josie (MO native) she exclaimed, "I don't want that!"

 The 50 cent piece game...a Thanksgiving tradition

 Also a Thanksgiving tradition--the pie trick. not pictured is the floor pie that resulted
Catching Fire. Movies also seen: The Book Thief and Frozen

 The twin girls and Josie have end of November birthdays, so Gma threw a party for them. Any excuse to get out her pink princess stuff :) But I just appreciated the chance to have a birthday do-over since Erica was sick the first time around. She loved her cupcake and ice cream this time

 Probably the best part of the trip was playing football with the boys. Davis is really good at tagging and Adam loved trying to get a touchdown. In these pics we were at our old high school which was really fun. Don't think I had ever been on the field before..
At the end of playing, Adam said, "This is the best day of my life!"

This is the girls playing princess on the sidelines...typical little sisters :)

Chasing deer...Vegas natives again
 We always love when we have extra helpers...these girls were changed, fed, dressed and bathed way more at Gma's than they are at home. And they had a blast in the "tub"

Wearing the same kilt I had as a girl...found it in Gma's closet and it fit perfectly!
 And of course, no trip to STL is complete without a trip to the zoo! It was pretty awesome to have it to ourselves almost

And then..we flew home..this girl was NOT happy to wake up and have to walk to baggage claim in the middle of the night... 
It was a great trip and we miss our cousins and grandparents...but we are all sure happy to be home!