Thursday, October 30, 2014

In Summer: Fourth of July

We honestly thought we would just be hanging out at home for the holiday. But instead, we got to go to Brianhead Ut. It was awesome. A lot of relaxing, followed by keeping babies from falling down the stairs, letting our kids enjoy real nature,and...a pie eating contest. Oh yes, Darbie and I were in a real life, whipped cream up the nose pie eating contest. It rocked. Bucket List: check!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In Summer: June

Just trying to play catch up around here:
Showing off new birthday clothes

becoming a diaper master

the obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse begins

Kids can eat a lot of pizza

Splash Pad!

After dance class

That's what he wanted for a prize one day

Who says cleaning the church can't be fun?

World Cup...


Ryan's always up for a magic show :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Last Disney Day

Okay, so our passes expired in June, so of course we had to go for one last Disney Day. It's been three months and we all miss it. So book some tutoring with Ryan so we can get passes again :)

Adam used his birthday money to buy a hat to match his dad's
The main thing we did was a character lunch. We figure we will do stuff like that while half our children are still free. Plus, the last time we had one, a certain somebody crawled under the table and had an accident, so we figured this one would go a lot better. And it did :)

Brooke was there too!

I was still in a wheelchair with a broken foot so Adam pushed me through the Goofy's Sky School Line. He was the only one who would go with me!

I have a picture of Wes and Lucy in this same spot. I still tear up every single time we are here!

 It may seem crazy that we would drag these guys to DL for less than one day, but it really has been amazing memories with our family. We hardly get our daddy at home and so it's so great to see him here at the place he loves the most with the people he loves the most :)

You've Had a Birthday Shout Happy Father's Day!

June 15, 2008 was Father's Day and the day the kids decided to be born, so every once in awhile, those events overlap again. And even though Ryan gets really really neglected, I know that he is so happy just to be with the kids.
We spent the whole day together with just the six of us. It was perfect.

Presents from family members...

 Since it was Sunday, we didn't go out to eat, so this was my spur of the moment fun :)

 The results...

Erica with Daddy

 Another wild photo shoot...

 We sing to our birthday kids one at a time around here...I hope they appreciate that :)

 I love love love my big kids. But I am missing them when they were younger. I would definitely be happy if they stayed six forever!